Day Care Center, A Modern Architectural Design Is Calendula Petal Inspired By Stein Halvorsen

Some of you may think that you send your children to day care is unnecessary, so that's what I thought at first, but gradually the kind of perspective is now changing. Thanks to the care of your child can learn, how to behave, disciplined and also promote self-esteem of your child. I was on Gumnuts care, but I've never seen anything like daycare Solrosen. The center is absolutely fantastic. It surprises us by the use of space and how they create a separate area with a specific content.

Diversity in the interior design of custody can be seen and you should have seen how happy child faces during the day. The architect who designed this attractive design center was Stein Halvorsen MAL Architect Civil Norway. The idea of ​​the architectural design of the day center was Marigold and it's great that the center can be accessed from many places. We like to feel clean and spacious given in this modern day care facility.

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