Small Houses In Large Cities: Red Box Dave Tailors

Karrie Jacobs, author of The Perfect $ 100,000 House, described in Metropolis, how zoning in Portland, Seattle and Vancouver are modified to promote the filling of smaller houses, and "say yes to less, rather than not to large. "

A small house which she was loved Dave Sarti 800 square feet small red box in Seattle. "It's a sweet fire-engine-red box planted in the garden of a house in Central District. I walked down the aisle past a grassy banal blue traditional houses and was surprised to see this Bauhaus cube where another firm may have a swing. Bold red siding panel to believe a lot right now, but the effectiveness of the design and small size reminded the workers' houses that Gropius and his contemporaries built in Europe between the wars. "

Seattle Times: The house is a single space ", more on volume than anything else," says Sarti. The 14-foot ceilings in the living room, furniture, rare, pale walls and honey-toned wood furniture and a staircase to emphasize the expansion. "I probably could have squeezed in a third floor room, but I have to do with a lot of small parts," says Sarti. "It was important for me to have a small house, but also to have rooms to such an extent that they felt merciful. I do not want him to feel like I was trying to do too much. "

Sarti has hired a builder, but has worked on it for seven months, and finish the job himself, and managed to keep the cost of the house for $ 180,000. The structure is wood frame construction with simple cement siding fiber HardiPanel, though I shudder to think that red will be in a few years, usually from sun exposure of limestone.

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