Simple Modern Design House Et Au Canada Toronto

Toronto, Canada, for a simple House Design modern future of this country. What a beautiful home with a variant of the project budget, and Debbie Adams, Peter Fleming, tried to participate in House Modern design with easy to support the concept of sustainable living in the metropolitan area of ​​brilliant talents, a lot of resources and a realistic concept of architecture. Working in collaboration with Levitt Goodman Architects, Peter and Debbie had to take a beautiful simple modern design of the house which is located in downtown Toronto, Canada, where the house plan strategically to close the hearing and visual noise of the city and to give Peter Debbie and the ability to take pleasure in a peaceful escape in their country of origin and their large collections of modernist furniture and contemporary art. This simple design, modern house the laboratory of artistic experimentation and collaboration by Levitt Goodman Architects, Peter and Debbie.

This simple and modern design of the house was to build a house in a private area where it rests in a corner, a dining room and living room, L shape, modern kitchen and kitchen cabinet design, very simple fashion. Bedrooms and bathrooms have grown surface to create an interior location, as well as much needed storage below. Panoramic views over the garden and the sunlight passed through the inside of the house design oversized windows. Space music for a musical jam session has been added to the second floor, where Debbie and Peter playing bluegrass strings and also on this floor was a large open studio space to work. Next the exterior and interior photos may be able to describe how this simple House Design modern architecture was created.

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